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Control drive large enclosed actuator

actuator is able to control final elements of modern power stations (dampers, hydraulic converters, etc.)
the whole volume inside the housing is available for the most rational installation of the actuator and the various accessories.
The SCM actuator may be supplied in eight different sizes in order to comply with a large range of torques.
The shaft equipped with an external lever has an operating angle of 90< and is fitted, at its two terminals, with a splined joint which allows the most convenient orientation of the control lever.
The manual control is provided with a handwheel.
Control signal: standard 3 / 15 Psig
Housing: carbon steel
Lever operating angle: 90<
Max. operating pressure: 100 Psig (689 kPa)
Operating temperature: -20<C to +80<C
Supply: dry instrument air 35/100 Psig
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